Neil’s 2013 Annual Review

[Sing to Air of ‘Good King Wenceslas’]

Thomas Wolfe once wrote a thought, that sadly lives forever;
You can’t go home again, he taught; you really do so never.
Pam Wallin shed prairie home, Duffy left the ocean,
Useful places they would roam; seemed a simple no-otion.

Having thought their only job had expenses porous;
Travel bought, they’d later sob, to sing in Tory chorus.
Afflicted with self-image bloat, from decades on TV,
They wound up in a sinking boat, from which they sang o-off-key.

As senators they did not look like Roman stern patricians,
Instead with office that they took to serve the P. M.’s missions.
Expenses not their proper right became a dreadful tangle,
Ensnaring helpful Nigel Wright, left in wind to da-angle.

Meanwhile Rob Ford was revealed as mini-Berlusconi;
Prim Toronto gasped and reeled, fearing more baloney.
Stephen Harper must despair chains he’d forged with tro-olls,
Daily thrusts from Tom Mulcair, raise Justin in po-olls.

Could the P. M. be brought down, by threats Lilliputian?
He must fight to keep his crown, trade deal his solution.
Hockey book his work of years, comes with labours frantic;
Kept at least some Jewish cheers; went to Lac Mega-antic.

Pauline Marois beat him there, gaining lots of pra-aise;
Hiding that her cupboard’s bare, shows she can ama-aze.
PQ’s found a ghastly way to delight its tro-ops:
Headgear cops to win the day, cheered on by the du-upes.

In the States, Obama shrinks, losing in his gambles,
Poll support now daily sinks, Obamacare a shambles.
Should have sought the elflords’ aid, Apple or else Google;
They deliver when they’re paid, only then will bu-ugle.

Putin claimed he’d make the call, stopping gas in Syria;
Miley swung on wrecking ball; twerked to teen hysteria.
Affleck’s Argo won awards, Iranians shown decei-eived;
Then Iranians sought accords, few were much relie-ieved.

The best of times, the worst of times, Dickens always knew;
Scrooge’s ghosts brought by the chimes, still thrill small fry anew;
Rejoice we still, to be alive, shrug off fear and danger,
Celebrate our buzzing hive’ good news from the ma-nger.

– Merry Christmas to All from Neil Cameron, December 2013.

PAH 16th 2013 Article


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